Wireless Philly

The City of Brotherly Love envisions that the entire city can be turned into one giant WiFi hotspot for a measley $10 million. The plan would deliver broadband speeds just about anywhere, including poor neighborhoods where residents can’t afford high-speed Internet connections. The thinking currently is to offer the service for free—or at least at a rate drastically lower than the DSL and cable companies charge.

AP covers the details.

PR non-existent at United

About 50 minutes ago, the local CBS radio affiliate reported in its business update that the flight attendant’s union was the latest to call for a change of management at United Airlines. The lost confidence arises from the company’s decision to forego payments into the company’s pension fund and increasing calls for wage cuts.

A statement from the leader of the Association of Flight Attendants, Greg Davidowitch, said, ““United Airlines senior management has attacked our wages, benefits and work rules; they’ve attacked our retirees; and now they’ve attacked our pensions. Yet, they have failed to accomplish what employees have been… Read More »

A new blogging search tool

Mike Manuel of Media Guerilla offers a post about his first brush with Blabble.

The service is in beta so you can’t test it without becoming an authorized beta tester, but examples on the home page offer a taste of what Blabble can do. If you’re into a PR measurement, it could become a standard tool. Enter a search term (in the case of the examples, recent movie titles are used), and you get comments posted about the movie, phrases used to describe it, the times of day messages were posted, and a scale that analyzes the tones of the post (positive, neutral and negative).

I’ve requested beta status. I’ll let you know what happens.… Read More »

Shut up and write

Maciej Ceglowski, former oil painter and current Perl programmer, has posted a manifesto on audioblogging on Idle Words, his blog. Ceglowski points to a couple of good examples, but then derides the whole concept as a contradiction of the Web’s purpose. For example, he says, you can’t choose what you want to hear and what you want to skip. You can’t read ahead. You can’t follow links. (And to make this point, he offers a ridiculously long link you’d be hard-pressed to copy down as he reads it). People read faster than speakers can speak.

“Ask yourself,” Ceglowski says, “is the key to making your site more interesting really to add… Read More »

Pandering to fan sites

PaidContent reports that the Miami Dolphins hosted the publishers of 14 fan Web sites for a weekend the club hopes will become an annual event. A report from the South Florida Sun Sentinel suggests that “Dolphins executives, some of whom scan the sites, say they wanted to meet a growing group that reaches thousands of fans. Consider it something akin to political conventions awarding media credentials to people who run Internet Weblogs.”

The story also quoted phins.com Webmaster Curt Fennell, who said, ““I think they’re realizing we do influence a lot of fans, and it’s to their benefit and our benefit if they establish a good… Read More »

Making blogging easier at the ONA

The Online News Association (ONA) offered its participants a blog to report on its 2003 conference. “Since this is a gathering of online journalists,” the blog’s introduction states, “ONA wanted to make the conference as interactive as possible. So we invited participants to share their insights in this weblog.”

For the 2004 conference (Nov. 12-13 in Hollywood, CA), it’ll be even easier for participants to contribute to the blog. According to conference promotion materials, “WiFi access will be available throughout the conference facilities and attendees will be able to post their comments on the ONA’s Participants’ Weblog throughout… Read More »

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