What to do about employee communications?

Back on August 28, I wrote an entry in which I stated that employee communications as a profession has been a failure. Advocates of strategic internal communication (myself included), along with associations like IABC that represent the profession, have argued for years that effective employee communications aligns employees with company goals and objectives. We maintain that solid internal communications produces bottom-line results. But a study from Accenture reveals that executives believe their employees are not aligned, that they don’t understand how their jobs fit into the bigger picture.

From where I sit, that means internal… Read More »

Laying down guidelines for corporate blogging

At Groove Networks, Ray Ozzie’s peer-to-peer workplace collaboration software company, employees are encouraged to blog. Ozzie outlined a policy in 2002 that warns employees not to disclose information that could cause problems, asks employees to be respectful when talking about their colleagues, and advises employees to use a disclaimer. As a result, the blogs written by employees cause few problems but lend the company a character the public otherwise wouldn’t perceive.

Groove is not alone in setting policies for employee blogging, a topic discussed in a recent ClickZ article. The article includes links to examples of policies from… Read More »

Keeping track of political blogs

The presidential campaign is the subject of more blogging right now than just about anything else, and BlogPulse has set up Campaign Radar 2004 to help you see at a glance what the blog buzz is about the candidates and the issues.

According to Search Engine Journal, Campaign Radar 2004 uses the same technology that powers Intelliseek’s buzz monitoring service for Fortune 1000 brands.

According to the SEJ article, “In addition to daily lists of top issues and how they?re being discussed in the political blogosphere, Campaign Radar 2004 also will provide two daily trend graphs ? one that tracks blog discussion on presidential and vice… Read More »

Religion gets blogs

Funny thing. Last night I was at the monthly meeting of the communications committee for my synagogue (I chair the committee and serve as volunteer Webmaster for the Temple’s Web site). We talked about the potential for blogs and wikis as part of our mix. Today I find an article at The Jewish Week that delves into the impact of blogging on the traditional communication of Jewish news and thought.

The article quotes (among others) Jay Rosen, chairman of NYU’s journalism department (and a blogger): ?The organized Jewish community has been so long dominated by a certain kind of establishment voice, which is often reflected in the local… Read More »

More dissing of corporate PR

Corporate blogs could fail, according to Mike Manuel, because the people who write them will skip the first two steps—recognizing the influence of participatory communication and listening to what people are saying. Instead, communicators jump directly to engagement (or, in other words, writing blogs). As a result, you end up with a blog purportedly written by the Geico mascot (which, thankfully, hasn’t been updated since July).

This point of view strikes me as an example of the “bad PR is bad” theorem. God knows there are enough PR-oriented blogs focusing on best practices and key opportunities to lead many companies to take a smarter… Read More »

An online PR magazine by PR students

Stuart Bruce reports on the launch of Buzz Magazine, which touts itself as “a vital resource for individuals at all stages of their public relations careers.”

Written by PR students, the magazine seems top-heavy with education-related matters. One first-person piece chronicles the experience of a PR grad who thought he knew all there was to know about PR until joining Edelman, where he found there was still a lot to learn. Umm…duh. On the other hand, there’s a nice piece on getting more exposure in Latin markets and an interesting take on media pitching.

Every issue features an interview with a CEO, freelancing tips and a profile of a… Read More »

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