I’d vote for this guy

Florida Representative Peter Deutsch wears a Blackberry on his belt. When the live, delevised debate of Democratic candidates for the U.S. Senate hit commercial breaks, Deutsch checked his Blackberry. And he’s under attack for it.

Apparently, it’s seen as cheating if he got an answer to a tough question or a suggestion about adjusting his style during the debate. Deutsch insists he only received words of encouragement and nothing of substance. But the criticism has led him to insist he’ll stop wearing the device during debates. “Im going to use an abascus,” he said.

What’s the big deal? Who cares if he got cues or speaking points from… Read More »

Business execs find value in blogs

In his blog Micropersuasion, Steve Rubel reported yesterday on a Business Week Online piece that cited business executives who have come to recognize the value of blogs “for plugging not just their products but their points of view. It touches quite a bit on the media and PR.”

Journalists pitching bloggers?

An entry in Dan Gillmore’s eJournal points to a wonderful piece in the Online Journalism Review about the future of blogging, journalism and public relations.

Journalists, columnist Glaser suggests, are awakening to the role bloggers play and increasingly are accepting that role and even taking advantage of it. Some news outlets have come to recognize that a blogger linking to a story can drive as much traffic to that outlet’s Web site as that generated by more traditional means. This realization has led journalists to pitch bloggers in the hopes of driving more traffic to their stories. In some cases, journalists are even pitching PR… Read More »

More grief for P2P

I wrote my two US senators and my congresswoman recently to complain about legislation to outlaw peer-to-peer networks. Sure, a lot of illegal file sharing goes on over P2P (and this isn’t the place to debate whether it should even be illegal or whether it has the negative impact the entertainment industry whines about). My point was that illegal file sharing represents a fraction of what goes on over P2P.

Now CNN (among others) reports that 45 state attorneys general have sent a letter to P2P companies telling them they could face legal consequences if they don’t better inform their customers and users about copyright violation.

If… Read More »

Where’s the news?

I’m spending my Saturday putting the finishing touches on a report for a client. The report covers the results of an employee survey, focus groups and a card-sorting exercise, all geared toward improving the intranet so it can become a more reliable work resource that has a genuine impact on productivity and, by extension, the bottom line.

As I was covering one issue and making the related recommendation, it struck me that I’ve written this before for other clients. A lot. It goes something like this:

There is no single place to find all the news covered on the intranet’s various pages and sites. Environmental, health and safety news… Read More »

Skype vs. Vonage

On Neville Hobson’s recommendation, I tried Skype today. Download and installation were a snap, following which I called Neville. I’m in the San Francisco Bay Area, Neville’s in The Netherlands. I’ve never heard phone call sound so good. You know the expression, “It sounds like you’re in the next room?” The next room has nothing on this. Neville sounded like he was a CD recording.

So I like Skype, a peer-to-peer solution from the folks who brought you Kazaa. However, you have to pay for calls to people who don’t have Skype (it’s free to those who do), and those without Skype can’t call you at all. When your computer’s off, so is Skype.… Read More »

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