Pandering to fan sites

PaidContent reports that the Miami Dolphins hosted the publishers of 14 fan Web sites for a weekend the club hopes will become an annual event. A report from the South Florida Sun Sentinel suggests that “Dolphins executives, some of whom scan the sites, say they wanted to meet a growing group that reaches thousands of fans. Consider it something akin to political conventions awarding media credentials to people who run Internet Weblogs.”

The story also quoted Webmaster Curt Fennell, who said, ““I think they’re realizing we do influence a lot of fans, and it’s to their benefit and our benefit if they establish a good… Read More »

Making blogging easier at the ONA

The Online News Association (ONA) offered its participants a blog to report on its 2003 conference. “Since this is a gathering of online journalists,” the blog’s introduction states, “ONA wanted to make the conference as interactive as possible. So we invited participants to share their insights in this weblog.”

For the 2004 conference (Nov. 12-13 in Hollywood, CA), it’ll be even easier for participants to contribute to the blog. According to conference promotion materials, “WiFi access will be available throughout the conference facilities and attendees will be able to post their comments on the ONA’s Participants’ Weblog throughout… Read More »

The failure of employee communications

I try to avoid duplicating material in my blog that appears in my newsletter, but this one is just too important. Too alarming. Too consequential.

I have spent more than 25 years working, one way or another, in employee communications. In that time, i have come to believe all the usual arguments about the value we deliver to our companies and clients. Chief among these, we create “line of sight”—that is, we help employees understand how their individual work efforts contribute to the company’s high-level business plans and strategies. Through this effort, we contribute to the company’s competitiveness.

At least, that’s the… Read More »

Blogs vs. message boards

I’ve been an advocate of message boards—particularly on intranets—for years. Now that blogs are on the radar screens of more and more communicators, I hear the observation: “So blogs are just like message boards, right?”

Well, yes and no. Lee Lefever, author of the Common Craft blog, does an excellent job of articulating the differences.

WSJ kudos to JOTW

Neville Hobson writes about Ned Lundquist’s Job of the Week. I was one of the very first subscribers to a list that has grown to the thousands. Job of the Week lists communication job notices posted by the participants. Ned just aggregates the contributions and sends it out. Be sure to read Neville’s post, which includes links to a Wall Street Journal article that lauds Ned’s efforts.

Blogging is dead and idiocy killed it

PR bloggers everywhere are writing about a post in Streamline titled PR is dead and blogging killed it. In the post, Rich Tanglao outlines a presentation he made to a communications agency that delves into the nature and growth of the blogging phenomenon. The headline is a laugher. They said television would kill radio, too. (And as long as we’re challenging this concept, let’s ponder why will blogs kill PR but not journalism?)

As Tom Murphy points out, though, the outline of the presentation doesn’t really support the notion that blogging will kill PR. Murphy further notes that blogs are a tool: “That’s it folks. A tool.”

Blogs are… Read More »

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