An open letter to David Murray

Dear David:

What can I say about your opening item on the December 6, 2004 Ragan Report‘s page one column, “Blog wonks need chill pill”? It’s wrong on so many levels it’s difficult to know where to begin. You and I have known one another for, what, more than a decade now? I’m sure that, since your editorial was distributed to all the Ragan Report‘s readers and published on the Ragan Communications Web site, you’ll agree that it’s highly appropriate—and even maybe a little ironic—that I reply to you personally via my blog.

Your overall premise is that those of us who blog about public relations and organizational communications are… Read More »

Hobson interviews IABC’s accreditation marketing director

Every now and then, somebody in an audience will point to my name on a PowerPoint slide and ask, “What does the ABC mean?” My favorite answer: “It’s as far as I got.” I always get serious, though, and explain that ABC is the acronym for Accredited Business Communicator, a distinction offered by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).

I have always believed in the value of accreditation and have no doubt of the benefits I have derived from it. (I earned my accreditation back in 1984.) But IABC has always had difficulty marketing the value and driving up the numbers of accredited members. There are far more APRs,… Read More »

Sun’s Jonathan Scwhartz on how to blog effectively

Among bloggers, Sun Microsystems’ Chief Technology Officer, Jonathan Scwhartz, is a star. As one of the highest-ranking corporate officials to put keyboard to blog, he has become a prominent advocate for the kind of connection a blog can create between a company and its audiences. Business 2.0 offers up an interview with Schwartz on how to blog effectively. Among Schwart’s observations:

What I’m interested in doing with blogging is driving a culture that says it’s good to speak up. I think it’s more the strategic imperatives I’m trying to drive with blogging. First on the list is being as transparent as possible. I want to know what my…

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Listening to the “social customer”

According to many of the bloggers I read every day, blogs are the future of public relations. Christopher Calfi—chairman and CEO of Cerdado, Inc.—thinks they’re just the first salvo in a new era of the “social customer.” Writing in CRMGuru, Calfi says wikis and social networks provide even greater opportunities for companies to “break down the walls between companies and their customers, enabling the creation of communities and resulting in significant benefits to all involved. By listening to the social customer, companies have the opportunity to create the tightest relationships between vendor and customer we have seen since the days… Read More »

Red Herring’s Perkins to launch blogging magazine

Would you buy a print magazine about blogs? You’ll soon have the opportunity. Tony Perkins, editor of the original Red Herring, is set to launch a quarterly magazine called Always On, dedicated to blogs and bloggers. An article in the San Jose Mercury News quotes Perkins: “`What we’re witnessing is the emergence of what I call the ‘fifth estate.’ Blogs are a more individualistic, more participatory, more independent media source.’‘

The magazine will repackage the best blogs and commentary on the site along with original content, such as investigative stories and interviews with tech titans. The blogozine will focus on ‘innovations in…

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How to get fired for blogging

The case of Ellen Simonetti, the Delta flight attendant fired for photos posted to her blog has been discussed far and wide. It’s not the only case, though, as an article in Wired News points out. It’s also happened to a Web designer in Utah, a FedEx Kinko’s staffer and even a Microsoft temp. The article quotes Wendy Seltzer, a intellectual property attorney for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, who articulates they key problem with employee blogging in the US: “If they didn’t like the way you talked one day, they could, absent a specific agreement otherwise, they could fire you on the spot.”

One expert, a Louisiana State University… Read More »

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