Blogs provide Nepalese journalists alternative outlet

When King Gyandendra assumed power in Nepal early this month, he did was most rulers do when they have taken power by force: He shut down the media. But after the phone lines came back up, journalists whose newspapers, radio stations and television stations had been shut down began reporting on conditions via blogs. Mark Glaser tells the story at OJR.

Turn dynamics RSS feeds into static HTML

I just tried RSS2HTML. It does just what it says it will do. The free Web-based service from NotePage, the folks who brought you the RSS creator FeedForAll, lets you enter an RSS feed’s URL, then turns it into a static Web page. For anybody who has ever wanted to display an RSS feed as part of their Web site and have it look right, RSS2HTML is just the ticket. In addition to providing a URL to the static Web page you can use, NotePage is also making the source code available for download free; you can install it on your server and house the static feed page wherever you want. The service also lets you select styles and colors, all of… Read More »

Spyware and adware via blogs

eWeek is reporting that some blogs hosted by Google’s Blogger service are being used to distribute spyware and adware. Readers of these blogs are tricked into clicking links that are disguised as “next entry” and the like. Instead, the link authorizes the download of the malicious applications that drive everybody nuts. Google is aware of the problem and is looking into it.

You go, Scoble

Catching up on some blogs in my hotel room in Chicago, I found a wonderful post from Microsoft blogger Robert Scoble.  In the item, Scoble recounts a conversation with an unnamed Microsoft marketer who was confounded because a nifty marketing-focused Web page wasn’t getting any traffic. When Scoble asked if the page included an RSS feed, the marketer said no, the page was for “non-geeks.”

“That demonstrates an utter cluelessness about how hype gets generated. If you don’t have RSS, how will anyone who is a connector build a relationship with your site?”

Scoble then offers up a brief but powerful truth:

“Sorry, if you do a marketing…

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Quitting to blog

Wired News has the story of Jason Kottke, author of a blog at, who quit his day job as a Web designer to blog full-time. The notice on his blog asks readers to become “micropatrons” but contributing modest amounts through PayPal. He hopes to be able to blog full-time for one year. The “one time ‘fund-drive’” will last three weeks, he says. “I have absolutely no idea if this will work and I’m completely nervous and exhilarated by the challenges ahead.”

Kottke explains why he believes investing in his blog is worthwhile, why he’s not going the advertising route, and how full-time blogging will affect the site.

As some blogs… Read More »

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