Blogs penetrate academia

From BBC News comes an item about the infiltration of blogs into academic life:

“Blogs are giving departments, staff and students the freedom and informality of tone impossible in scholarly journals or even the student newspaper. Blogging lecturers say the technology provides them with easy online web access to students and improves communication outside of the classroom.”

Should we hold our breaths for an IABC or PRSA podcast?

I’m getting used to heaving deep sighs these days. I heaved one earlier today when I read that the American Association of Petroleum Geologists launched a podcast for its members. According to the association’s Gerald Buckley (as reported by Steve Rubel), “All not-for-profit associations are facing a common problem—retention of aging member and student members.” Buckley added that using the podcast format is a way to “serve the entire spectrum in ways they appreciate.”

You can define a podcast a number of ways, but at its heart it is a communication channel. Whether you’re listening to Buckley dish up headlines and announcements about… Read More »

The Hobson & Holtz Report - Podcast #4: January 24, 2005

Welcome to our weekly podcast, a 57:25-minute conversation recorded live via Skype from Concord, California, USA, and Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Download the file here (MP3, 24.9MB), or sign up for the RSS feed to get it and future shows automatically. (For this, you’ll need ipodder, software that lets you subscribe to receive podcasts automatically and sync them to your digital player.)

In this week’s show:


  • 00:24 Neville on what this show’s about

Short Takes:

  • 02:20 Comments and mail we’ve received about the show
  • 06:45 My Blog: Margot Wallstr??m, Commissioner for Communications at the European Commission
  • 10:40 Randy’s Journal:… Read More »

Blogging ethics issue gets more attention

The rising profile of blogging ethics has followed a predictable path:

  1. Some bloggers engage in questionable ethical behavior
  2. Bloggers discuss the question of ethics among themselves
  3. The public profile of blogs is raised during the 2004 US presidential election
  4. The discussion picks up steam. Some solutions are presented
  5. More stories of ethical misbehavior are reported
  6. The tsunami raises blogs’ profile even more
  7. More stories of ethical misbehavior are reported
  8. The mainstream press picks up on the story

The mainstream press, in the form of Associated Press, reports today on concerns about ethical standards in blogging: “The growing… Read More »

Social networking yields results

CSO Insights partner Jim Dickie was skeptical when he tapped into the LinkedIn social network in search of some work-related results. Dickie, who writes about the experience at, started off with a genuine work need. Research his company conducted led him to wonder why some customer relationship management (CRM) tools were producing better results than others.

Social networking software was his first target. “These systems claim to increase the productivity of sales and marketing professionals by leveraging the theory of six degrees of separation, allowing users to tap into the existing affiliations of other… Read More »

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