Update the RSS feed

I’ve just noticed that Expression Engine, the new software I’m using for blogs on my server, produces a different URL for the RSS feeds than pMachine did. If you’ve been getting my feed, you’ll need to update your news reader with the new URL, which you can find by clicking the RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0 or Atom links in the sidebar column.

Event-driven RSS syndication

My friend and communicator of note Bill Boyd sent along a white paper (registration required) from a company called KnowHow touting “The Next Big Thing”—event-driven RSS. KnowHow makes the enterprise server that runs event-driven RSS, designed for internal communicaitons.

The paper outlines the limitations of RSS as it exists today, including…

  • Lack of centralized control
  • Increased load on infrastructure
  • Timeliness, completeness and relevancy of information
  • Duplicate content publication

Event-driven RSS is designed to deliver “instant alerts and notifications only to the people who should have them, when they need them.” In other… Read More »

Financial Times examines blogging on intranets

Neville Hobson covers a report from the Financial Times on intranet blogging. The FT article takes a look at one company—a German investment bank—that has set up about 120 internal blogs to “promote discussion and distribute information, including some that encourage users to share ideas, requests and criticisms of in-house information technology systems. Traders use the medium to share information and research.”

The post inspired Allan Jenkins to spend a few seconds jotting down other ways companies can use internal blogs, including (and I love this one) letting colleagues know if he’s in the office or on the road.… Read More »

What journalists can teach bloggers

Poynter Online’s Steve Outing started his two-part series with an overview of what traditional journalists have to learn from bloggers. Now comes the second installment, which turns the tables. Bloggers no doubt felt fairly puffed up over having something to teach mainstream journalists, but may sniff at the notion that those same journalists may have anything to teach bloggers.

Outing notes the primary difference is an editor: “An extra pair of eyes can certainly help to catch spelling, grammar, and factual errors, but more importantly they can catch really dangerous issues—such as when you’re about to libel someone.”

He also notes… Read More »

Auction site adds RSS feeds

More traditional businesses are finding uses for RSS. Global Auction Guide Media Group—“advertising network available to auctioneers with over 50 Web sites carrying the complete sale bills of hundreds of participating auctioneers”—has added over 70 RSS feeds to help users search for upcoming offline auctions (the kind where an auctioneers stands at a lectern with a gavel as opposed to the kind where you’re notified by e-mail that somebody has outbid you). The feeds duplicate the e-mail lists to which users have been able to subscribe for the last few years.

New software is up and running

As you can tell by looking, I’ve completed the switchover from the software I was using to publish my blog—pMachine—to Expression Engine. Expression Engine is distributed by the same company, but it offers several significant features not available in pMachine. The one that motivated me to make the switch is the inclusion of Captcha.

Captcha stands (sort of) for Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart. You’ve no doubt seen Captcha implementations elsewhere. Captcha generates a graphic image of a word that computers can’t read—only people can. You have to enter the word in a text field to show that… Read More »

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