The Slashdot effect

Slashdot, the collaborative reporting site for the technical elite, reported yesterday that a Web site called VisitorVille Intelligence released information on how employees at some big companies used the World Wide Web based on the companies’ Web monitoring efforts. This combination of employees’ online habits, company monitoring and the Net is right up my alley, so I clicked on over to VisitorVille Intelligence, only to find myself redirected to another site with a brief message noting that the Slashdot reference had generated so much traffic that Visitorville’s server had crashed. The note asks visitors to bookmark the site and check… Read More »

Corporate PR in disasters’ wake

Corporations are among those contributing money and other aid to the relief efforts in Southern Asia. According to a report in UK’s The Guardian, many of those organizations have learned the lessons of 9/11 and are low-keying their contributions. For example, bottled water company Danone is donating money, but is also sending bottled water to tsunami victims in Aceh. The company, which plans to distribute 10 million bottles of water along with a popular biscuit product, is also matching its employees’ donations to the Red Cross/Red Crescent Society. But the company is not publicizing its efforts, according to Laurent Sacchi, Danone’s… Read More »

Military still coming to grips with blogs

Blogs are all about distributed knowledge and information. The military is all about centralized control. The amount of blogging by soldiers in Iraq and other locations has probably befuddled military powers who not the long ago were still able to censor letters troops mailed home. Today, the Philadelphia Enquirer reports that the military ordered a doctor serving in Iraq to shut down his blog “after Army officials decided his gripping accounts of frontline medicine constituted a breach of Army regulations,” according to reporter Matthew Blanchard.

Maj. Michael Cohen blogged to, but today that site contains only a… Read More »

Agency launches blog practice

It may be hard to get the large PR agencies to pay attention to blogs, their impact and their potential. When you’re number 11, though, it’s easier to be a bit more nimble. MWW Group, which bills itself as the 11th largest public relations agency in the US, has launched Blog 360, “a new specialty practice with focused expertise in blog marketing.” The practice includes a partnership with Steven Morgan Friedman, identified as a leading blog expert, “among the first to develop blogs for corporate use.” MWW labels Friedman a “pioneer.” I’ve never heard of him. You?

You have to wonder how anybody could have a focused expertise just yet;… Read More »

RSS applied to travel deals

RSS definitely isn’t just for blogs anymore; yet another company has found yet another way to leverage feeds. Pheedz is a travel site launched to advise subscribers about deals in Asia, Europe, Las Vegas, New York, Hawaii, and the mainland U.S. Additional feeds target cruises and skiing.

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