The Hobson and Holtz Report—Jeremy Wright interview

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Welcome to a the second Special Edition of the Hobson & Holtz Report, a 30-minute conversation with Jeremy Wright recorded live at the New Communications Forum 2005 in Napa, California, USA, on January 27, 2005.

Jeremy WrightA high-profile business blogger, Jeremy authors the Ensight blog and is now focused on building his new venture, Inside Blogging. He gained signficant blogosphere and media attention in recent months related to his being auctioned on eBay, being fired by his employer for blogging and his plans for starting a book on business blogging. In this show, listen to Jeremy’s thoughts and views about his book, his new venture (with… Read More »

Measuring conversations

Andy Lark, part of a panel taking place now at the New Communications Forum, suggests there is a massive opportunity for the PR profession: developing the standards and means for evaluating the conversations taking place online. The traditional focus group approach to assessing opinions is inadequate, Lark says, and a metrics-based approach to analyzing the discussions in the online community as they relate to companies, products, services, and issues is sorely needed.

Blog will explore anti-American sentiment

Immediately after September 11, most of the world reached out to the US in sympathy and friendship. Since then, relationships have eroded and around the world people have increasingly come to hate America. Graduate students at UC Berkeley are launching a blog to explore the phenomenon. The blog, to be launched in the next few weeks, will encourage conversations with people from around the world on their anti-American sentiments. More interesting, though, is the intent for the blog to serve as a forum for the collection and analysis of data. According to the Daily Online Californian,

The project has already drawn the attention of other…

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Reopening the blog/journalism chasm

If the blog-journalism war is over (or was stupid to begin with), nobody told Nick Coleman. The columnist from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune has launched an outright war against bloggers, warning other journalists that nothing good can come from blogging and that they need to be aware of blogs and prepared to fire back at blog posts.

Coleman’s comments—and the story of how he came to his conclusions—are covered in a story on today’s Editor & Publisher.

“Editors and writers in mainstream media are very naive,” he says. “Readership and power of the blogs is increasing.” He also claims that the blogs are dangerous because they are not…

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The Hobson and Holtz Report—Special RSS Edition

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Welcome to a the RSS Special Edition of the Hobson & Holtz Report, a 23-minute conversation recorded live at the New Communications Forum 2005 in Napa, California, USA, on January 26, 2005.

Fergus Burns, CEO Nooked

In this show, we interview Fergus Burns (left), CEO of Hookable Media Ltd, the creator of Nooked, the RSS service for corporate communications. Listen to Fergus talk about the measurable benefits of RSS as a communication channel for organizations, the services Nooked offers, and how RSS is evolving into a mainstream communication tool. Download the file here (MP3, 24MB), or sign up for the RSS feed to get it and future shows automatically. (For… Read More »

Personal institutional memory

Neville just made a point he and I have discussed before. He frequently publishes items to his blog so he can recall the information later. It’s a kind of personal institutional memory. In employee communications circles, blogs are being touted for (among other things) the record that’s created around projects. There’s no reason the same idea can’t apply to an individual. I find I often search my own blog for information I want to share with a client or colleague. Neville searches his blog, too, knowing that he put the item there specifically so it can be retrieved later when he needs it.

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