The Hobson and Holtz Report - Podcast #35: May 23, 2005

Content summary: Listeners’ comments (on Rush Limbaugh podcasting, building trust for a blog, tech issues with podcasts and iPods, guest hosting FIR, creating an RSS feed for blog comments); Kensington lock hack follow up; a savage view of Naked Conversations; favourite podcasts and how to produce them; Flash-ing round workplace restrictions on browsers and aggregators; Desert Island discs; seeking freelance writers via blogs; creating a list of CEO intranet blogs.

Show notes for May 23, 2005

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Welcome to For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report, a 75-minute conversation recorded live from Concord, California, USA, and… Read More »

iTunes to accommodate podcasts

Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, announced at the Wall Street Journal’s “D3: All Things Digital” conference in San Diego that the next iteration of Apple’s iTunes software will accommodate podcasts. The new software is due in about 60 days.

Frank Barnako’s Internet Daily quotes Mena Trott, co-founder of Six Apart Inc: “Current plans call for podcasts to be free downloads. Users will submit their podcasts and Apple will be hand picking the content it makes available to iTunes users.” Barnako notes that Jobs’ remarks followed a meeting with podcasting evangelist Adam Curry.

No changes to the iPod itself were announced, such as wireless… Read More »

Interview: Mike Wing, IBM - May 20, 2005

For anyone with an opinion about corporate blogging, the big news this week was IBM’s dynamic step into the blogosphere with their initiative to enable employee blogging and making publicly available their detailed employee blogging guidelines.

In this special edition of For Immediate Release podcast interviews, Shel and Neville enjoyed a 53-minute conversation with Mike Wing, IBM’s Vice President Strategic Communications, about the big news and what it signals for IBM as a new way to engage with the marketplace. Our conversation also addressed other areas of communication at IBM with Mike’s commentary and opinion on a wide range of… Read More »

The Hobson & Holtz Report - Podcast #34: May 19, 2005

Content summary: Listeners’ comments (on IBM’s blogging guidelines; on a great podcast for marketers and PRs who want a tech twist with their communication); the case of the computer lock and the toilet roll; communicators in government and layers of bureaucracy; blogs and creating consumer trust; in communication, as always, the audience is in charge; may the force be with you for blogging; Oracle starts podcasting.

Show notes for May 19, 2005

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Welcome to For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report, a 70-minute conversation recorded live from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and New York City, USA.

Download the file here (MP3,… Read More »

Intranet CEO blogs

Thank God for Constantin Basturea’s list of CEO bloggers on his NewPR wiki.TheNewPR Wiki. (While we’re at it, thank God for everything Constantin does for the rest of us.) Sadly, the list did me no good when a colleague and sometime client asked me for examples of CEOs who are blogging to employees on their companies’ intranets.

“Well,” I said, “there’s Paul Otellini at Intel, and then, um, there’s, well, um…”

I know there are CEOs and other senior executives using blogging utilities to communicate with intranets because I’ve been told it’s true by people I trust and respect. But damned if I know who they are or what companies they… Read More »

Mike Wing interview on Friday

In the wake of IBM’s announcement that the company is encouraging its 300,000-plus employees to blog externally, Mike Wing—IBM’s vice president of communication strategy—will be our guest on a special interview segment of “For Immediate Release” set for this Friday, May 20. Neville Hobson and I will interview Mike about the blogging initiative, the company’s use of a wiki (instead of its own Notes platform) to develop blogging policies, the W3 intranet, and the company’s legendary online employee “jams.” To subscribe to the “For Immediate Release” feed, visit the site at… Read More »

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