Podcast reviews

You can review products at epinions.com, books at Amazon.com and movies at IMDB.com. Why not podcasts? After all, with new podcasts emerging at a remarkable pace, it’s tough to decide which ones to try out. You might think some of the podcast directories would let listeners comment, but so far, there are only a couple of sites dedicated to reviewing podcasts. “The New, New Podcast Review” is the latest, a blog that offers “fair and balanced podcast reviews.” According to the FAQ on the blog:

“These will be reviews of podcasts and the occasional podcasting website. The podcast reviews rate the ‘cast on a scale of 5 stars, in the areas of…

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Text messages to the rescue

We all know the part blogs have played in the aftermath of the South Asia disaster. Less attention is being accorded SMS, the cell phone text messaging system. The BBC has an article that sheds light on how text messaging aided recovery efforts. Some of the earliest blog reports about the tsunami were repurposed SMS messages sent by people on the scene to friends with blogs.

The experience has led to the development of the Alert Retrieval Cache, which (so far) uploads a text message to a Web page or distributes it to an e-mail list. Using the system, a relief worker identifying a specific need could send a text message to the Cache,… Read More »

University of Michigan seeks “news with a voice”

The proliferation of citizen-journalism continues. The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor has launched a new online news service and invited students ranging from high school to grad school to contribute its contents. Highestwire lets any student—not just University of Michigan students—post articles, along with images and multimedia clips, on any topic that strikes their fancy. “As long as you’re writing good stuff, you’re all right with us,” the site proclaims. While editors will touch up stories submitted by students, the site seeks “news with a voice,” according to editor-in-chief Karen B. Schwartz, a Columbia University graduate… Read More »

Remembering Bill Lutholtz

As Neville and I recorded our first podcast on Monday, I recalled that we met online probably a dozen years ago when we were both participants in Compuserve’s late Public Relations & Marketing Forum. In the pre-Web days, the PRSIG was virtually the only online destination for PR professionals, and thousands of us congregated there. As we thought about it, we remembered that in 1994, we used the IABC Hyperspace section of the PRSIG to upload close-to-real-time reports of the IABC international conference. Little did we know that we were blogging a conference a decade before the activity got the label of “blogging a conference.”

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The Slashdot effect

Slashdot, the collaborative reporting site for the technical elite, reported yesterday that a Web site called VisitorVille Intelligence released information on how employees at some big companies used the World Wide Web based on the companies’ Web monitoring efforts. This combination of employees’ online habits, company monitoring and the Net is right up my alley, so I clicked on over to VisitorVille Intelligence, only to find myself redirected to another site with a brief message noting that the Slashdot reference had generated so much traffic that Visitorville’s server had crashed. The note asks visitors to bookmark the site and check… Read More »

Corporate PR in disasters’ wake

Corporations are among those contributing money and other aid to the relief efforts in Southern Asia. According to a report in UK’s The Guardian, many of those organizations have learned the lessons of 9/11 and are low-keying their contributions. For example, bottled water company Danone is donating money, but is also sending bottled water to tsunami victims in Aceh. The company, which plans to distribute 10 million bottles of water along with a popular biscuit product, is also matching its employees’ donations to the Red Cross/Red Crescent Society. But the company is not publicizing its efforts, according to Laurent Sacchi, Danone’s… Read More »

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