IABC’s responsive blogger

IABC relaunched its blog yesterday, as promised, and the most encouraging thing about the IABC Cafe so far is that the blogger is actively participating. Of six comments responding so far to the initial post, two are from Warren Bickford, IABC’s current vice chairman (and 2005-2006 chairman) replying to comments from readers.

The next best thing is Bickford’s tone—warm, friendly, human and honest.

As for substance—well, the IABC Cafe has been online for less than 24 hours, but I’m optimistic. In his initial post, Bickford lays out his expectations for the blog:

I have been asked what I plan to blog about. Good question. For those of…

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Tempest in the podcasting teapot

I’m catching up on podcasts that have been backing up on my DMP (digital media player—my own TLA). I was struck by the number of podcasts that have referenced a controversy that has been growing ever since Pod Prince Adam Curry and his partner, Ron Bloom, launched BoKu Communications and PodShow, BoKu’s first offering.

The gist of the outcry is this: “Don’t let money corrupt podcasting.” There are concerns that some podcasting content will be restricted to those who pay for it, that PodShow will over-produce podcasts, that commercial interests will take over the enthusiastic amateur podcasting base. Even Todd Cochrane added his $.02 on… Read More »

Here’s your id badge, your employee handbook, your phone number, and your blog

Before I even had a chance to check my feeds today, Neville directed me to Fredrik Wacka’s post about Macaw, a Dutch company in wihch every one of its 110 employees has an internal blog. It’s not a company of blog-crazy workers. It’s just part of the new-hire package. The blog comes along with intranet access and a company e-mail account.

Still, 90 of Macaw’s employees use their blogs. Writes Wacka,

The blogs are mainly used to share knowledge about technical issues or solutions. But also fun stuff, politics, current events or pictures appear as blog entries. The internal blog system started because of one employee who believed in the…

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Sure, Steve, we can cowboy up—but not overnight

Steve Phenix of the Phenix Rising blog wrote yesterday that he wants PR bloggers to “cowboy up.” Taking a cue from Richard Edelman’s blog, Phenix says,

So tomorrow I’m proposing that all of us in the PR blogging community circle the wagons and devote a post—or two—to why we are necessary, how we make an impact or to simply what we respect and love about this industry.

Tomorrow means today. It’s actually a bit confusing, since in the April 5 post Phenix says, “Tomorrow, (Wednesday, March 6) will you join with me and other PR bloggers in a grassroots blogging campaign…” Sure, he meant April 6, not March 6, but that was bound to make it… Read More »

Apple opens new RSS support feeds

I’ve grown weary of reports that this company or that media outlet has started offering RSS feeds. I was just talking to a marketer who reminded me that when we met, back around 1995 or so, her boss was insisting that their company—one of the major accounting firms—didn’t need a Web site. Announcing new RSS feeds is kind of like the mid-90’s announcements of new Web sites.

But I’m still intrigued by innovative uses for RSS. Apple announced today they’ve opened some new feeds that will let Mac users stay current on the release of new tech support articles. You can subscribe to a feed of new general support articles, or feeds for any of… Read More »

Get used to fake blogs

Every time some ad agency launches a fake blog, outcries ring from the “legitimate” blogging community. “Here Comes Another Fake Blog” is the headline on Steve Rubel’s Micropersuasion today, referring to a blog from the company GourmetStation, written by fictitious character T. Alexander.

Earlier, Steve also pointed to a blog from Captain Morgan, the trademarked character who pushes Captain Morgan rum. (I’m not picking on Steve; he just reports what he’s read about fake blogs from other sources.)

First off, the blogs aren’t fake. The Delicious Destinations blog from GourmetStation is a Typapd blog. Only the blogger is fake. But that’s… Read More »

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