Blogs and insider trading

I read a few posts that dismissed my argument that press releases still serve an important function: Complying with regulatory requirements for disclosing any news that could affect an organization’s share price. One of these comments, I recall, noted that failure to comply would be a small price to pay in return for the benefits that accrue to companies that switch their disclosure over to the more authentic human voice of a blog.

That’s an irresponsible position, at best. In the US, the Securities and Exchange Commission has companies under a microscope following the abuses of Enron, Tyco, WorldComm, and others. Martha Stewart went… Read More »

Road Weary

Some people put up link blogs. Neville has one that talks about technology. Me? I needed a place to bitch and whine about travel. I didn’t want to do it in this blog, so I started a new one. It’s called Road Weary. You don’t have to read it. Honest. I created it as an outlet for frustration with various players in the travel industry, a place to vent. If you read it, you may never get on a plane, stay in a hotel, or set foot in a taxi again.

Full vs. partial RSS feeds: My $.02

Plenty has been written about the full feed vs. partial feed debate since Chris Pirillo switched from full to partial. As I understand it, the decision was based on subscribers to the full feed using the posts without pointing back to Pirillo’s site. By switching to partial feeds, you had no choice but to visit the site if you wanted to read the entire post.

Pirillo has evidently returned to full feeds, noting in his blog:

I love how everybody whines when they don’t get their way - it’s human nature. So, for all of you who unsubscribed from my RSS feed because it wasn’t the way you wanted it (even though you’re not the one providing it…

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PR vs. trademarks

I used to work for Mattel. From 1984 to 1988 I was a communicator at the company’s headquarters, then located in Hawthorne, California. I started out managing employee communications and was director of corporate communications by the time Mattel and I parted ways. During my time at Mattel, I came to understand that the company’s defense of its trademarks had assumed kneejerk proportions. Any perceived violation of the trademark prompted swift legal action with no consideration for the consequences. Nobody at Mattel ever dreamed that the fallout from such action might actually be worse than the damage caused by the violation. “If we let… Read More »

Posts count, not the number of blogs

Interesting note from the Wall Street Journal’s Carl Bialik (by way of Frank Barnako’s Internet Daily about measuring the growth of blogs. The total number of blogs isn’t a relevant measure, Bialik suggests, since there is wide disagreement about the total number blogs (between 10 and 32 million). With new blogs being started and bloggers abandoning existing blogs, it’s a moving target at best.

Easier to track—and more pertinent—is the total number of blog posts contributed each day. According to Barnako, “That’s an indication of activity and life. Technorati says it tracks as many as 900,000 postings a day, while Blog Pulse says it… Read More »

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