The Hobson & Holtz Report - Podcast #14: March 10, 2005

Content summary: Listeners’ comments about the interview with Robert Scoble; how to get podcasts automatically with podcatcher software; discussion about the Robert Scoble interview; a new PR blog and a resurrected one make their debuts; communication consultancies focused on new-media channels; IABC; a little rant about Blogrolling.

Show notes for March 10, 2005

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Welcome to For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report, a 55-minute conversation recorded live from Concord, California, USA, and Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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McDonald’s campaign is PR. So what?

Under the Golden Arches, you can get salads instead of Big Macs. Now, McDonald’s is launching a an initiative to promote healthier living. Of course, some are dismissing the move, including the Center for Science in the Public Interest, whose executive director said, “I think it’s just window dressing designed to promote a more cuddly feeling toward the company than to really change their core business practices.” (At our house, we refer to the Center for Science in the Public Interest as “The Food Nazis.” These are the guys who told you to stop eating movie theater popcorn and Fetuccini Alfredo.)

In its report on the subject, AP… Read More »

What are they teaching at San Diego State?

If an editorial written by a San Diego State University student in the Daily Aztec is any indication, the next generation of journalists won’t be any better positioned to co-exist with the blogosphere than the current generation.

Consuela Headrick, the student newspaper’s opinion editor, offers a column in today’s issue headlined “Blogs infringe on true journalism.” Some excerpts:

...slowly but surely, the Internet world is infringing on the world of print journalism - leaving some journalists-in-training terrified.

It seems as though the sick, sad world of blogging has twisted the minds of many Americans. People are relying on other,…

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What matters on intranets?

Writing in CMSWire, Gerry McGovern takes issue with the latest report from the Nielsen Norman Group, “Ten Best Intranets of 2005.” McGovern’s problem with the report is that it focuses on usability instead of strategy:

I found his intranet report a frustrating read because the usability tactics were leading, and the strategy seemed either not there or else following some distance behind.

McGovern cites six examples of characteristics Nielsen lauds in the winners, such things as screen resolution and making internationalization a core design elements. McGovern is right, of course. I’ve seen hundreds of intranets and in only a handful of… Read More »

Thwarting AdLinks

I have just finished adding Javascript to all of my sites, including this blog, that will keep Google from adding links to my content. I’ve read comments by many that those who oppose the Google AdLinks initiative need to “get over themselves.” Sorry. Can’t do it.

I’ve read all the arguments against AdLinks and shrug over most of them. For me, it comes down to one simple issue: This is my content and I should be able to control what I link to and what I don’t. I have changed my Creative Commons license to ensure that my work remains available for anyone who wants to use it unless they plan to make money from it. That includes Google.… Read More »

Is traditional marketing dead?

Over the weekend, I finished switching my Web site over to a new content management system. I had been using Mamboserver, but wasn’t as thrilled with it as I thought I’d be, so I switched to phpWebSite, which is a vast improvement. Interestingly, on the heels of the switchover came some input that suggested, perhaps, that static Web pages are a thing of the past in light of the conversational nature of blogs. Are static Web sites (and, for that matter, magazine ads) dinosaurs that should be consigned to the dustbin of communication history?

I’ve given this extensive consideration, weighed the implications, and reached a conclusion:

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