Another citizen journalism effort launched

Self-described “recovering journalist” Mark Potts and his partner, Susan DeFife, are launching, another entry in the growing open-source journalism field. According to Potts, interviewed for a Washington Post article, major media newspapers are unable to get to the “hyper-local” news that will make up the content of ““A housewife or hardware store owner can have something to contribute, that’s important to them, that would be way under the radar of what we as journalists think is important,” Potts says in the Post article. “It’s the kind of thing you talk about at cocktail parties and barbecues.”

The site… Read More »

Blogs spread the word about a homemade ad

George Masters enjoys creating motion graphics, so just for fun, he created a short animated ad featuring the iPod digital audio player. He posted the animation to his site, where it generated moderate traffic. Then some bloggers wrote about it and the word spread to the point that it was viewed more than 37,000 times in a matter of days.

In addition to proving the concept that bloggers spread the word with unparalleled speed, the ad also has generated more buzz about homemade ads; some think it’s the Next Big Thing, including Wired News, which has a report on the trend. The piece claims “Homemade ads will play a big part in marketing,… Read More »

Observations about viral marketing via RSS instead of e-mail

We’ve heard enough rah-rah over how much better RSS feeds are than e-mail for online marketing. Show us the proof already.

That’s exactly what Greedy Girl has done. Blogger Kari Sullivan describes herself as “just one girl running several businesses.” After dropping her opt-in e-mail lists and converting all her viral marketing efforts to RSS, Sullivan kept track of the results, which she sums up as “Tons more viral success and a good bit more money.”

Specifically, Sullivan says one RSS subscriber is worth 15-20 e-mail subscribers, her attrition rates are low, her RSS virals get passed on more frequently than e-mails, and Google finds… Read More »

Google Suggest

If you haven’t tried Google Suggest, it’s worth a look. This new service from the search king uses predictive technology to figure out what you’re looking for, offering suggestions as you type.

It’s an interesting approach, not unlike the way the X1 desktop search tool works. I decided to search on “public relations.” I typed the letter “p” and was immediately greeted with a list of suggestions, starting with (of all things) Paris Hilton, then PC World, then PayPal, poems, and people search. Add the “u” and up comes pubmed, putty, puma, and puppies. By the time I had “publ” entered, public relations was listed as the fourth… Read More »

Service matches employers with bloggers

Veteran blogger Jeremy Wright (if anybody can be described as “veteran” for so new a medium) has opened a Web site devoted to matching bloggers with employers. According to a press release, the site,, is designed to place bloggers in jobs that are suited to their skills. In addition to companies needing writers to handle their corporate and sponsored blogs, Wright says bloggers’ skills are in high demand.

Wright developed the site with Jason Davis, owner of the recruiting-focused blog at

?Big technology companies like Google, Microsoft and Amazon are posting jobs with because they know…

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Jenkins drafts a blogging code of ethics

Allan Jenkins has done a noteworthy job of crafting a “Code of Blogging Ethics” for his efforts at Desirable Roasted Coffee. It’s early Sunday morning, I just read them, and I can’t think of a thing I’d add. Maybe after I’ve had my first cup of coffee, something will come to mind.

Ideally, something like this would be as available for adoption as a Creative Commons license; anybody who agrees could just add the logo to their blog linking to the Code of Ethics. The only problem is enforcement. As Allan notes in his draft, as an IABC member, he also remains vigilant in his adherence to the IABC Code of Ethics. As a member, should Allan… Read More »

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