Interview: Josh Hallett, Hyku - June 17, 2005

In this edition of For Immediate Release podcast interviews, Neville enjoyed a 40-minute conversation with Josh Hallett, CEO of Hyku LLC. Topics and themes discussed include: consulting on blogs and other new-media channels; how blogs are being used in Florida, eg, in education, local government; mainstream media and blogs; working with PR and marketing firms; views on BlogNashville; podcasting developments; a look ahead for blogs in Florida.

About our conversation partner:

Josh HallettJosh Hallett is an expert in the utilization of web and internet-based technologies for business communications. For more than ten years, he has been working with… Read More »

Tech Media This Week

Sam Whitmore, the fellow behind Sam Whitmore’s Media Survey, has launched a new podcast you should listen to: Tech Media This Week. It’s short, intelligent, and deals with issues of interest to most of us in the PR world. There’s a story, for example, about the impending sale of Fast Company magazine and an analysis from a PR perspective BusinessWeek’s June 20 cover story, “The Power of Us.” Coordinates for the podcast (directly from Sam’s announcement):

If you want to listen using your computer’s MP3 player, click this link:

If you want to download it to your iPod or other portable MP3 player, paste… Read More »

Top 10 marketing trends

Every now and then, I drop by Web Digest for Marketers to see what’s on Larry Chase’s mind. I’ve never worked in marketing or marcom, but it’s hard to deny that—at least in terms of the channels we use—marketing and PR are joined at the hip.

On my last visit, I found Chase has posted his “Top 10 Trends for the Next 10 Years..” Personally, I’m reluctant to prognisticate two years out. For example, who would have predicted 18 months ago that podcasting would be a major trend? It didn’t even exist before last August. (Take a look at Neville’s post today to see exactly what’s expected of podcasting as it continues to build momentum.)

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The Hobson & Holtz Report - Podcast #42: June 16, 2005

Content summary: Listeners’ comments (on the ROI of intranet blogging, on vidcasting and file storage, Firefox tabs, organizing podcast thoughts, PRs who don’t focus on what’s happening online); sans-serif or serif fonts?; what if the novelty of blogging wears off?; is a corporate blog an oxymoron? Business Week integrates online and print; PR gaffes #2 and #3; PR blogosphere talk about Ketchum; vSkype and FireANT.

Show notes for June 16, 2005

download mp3 podcast

Welcome to For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report, a 70-minute conversation recorded live from Concord, California, USA, and Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Download the file here (MP3,… Read More »

A craving for podcast erotica

Frank Barnako reports that a new analysis, “The Podcast Value Chain Analysis” (PDF file), concludes that the most popular podcasting content is erotica. I’ll be getting my hands on this report one way or another. So far, Podcast Alley is the only means of which I’m aware that assesses podcast popularity, and this week’s top 10 don’t include any erotica (unless you include Dawn & Drew’s frank talk erotica, which I don’t). The top-rated show is “This Week in Tech,” followed by “The Mac Cast.” “Catholic Insider” is on the list, as is “Coverville” (which plays cover versions of well-known songs).

Still, Alex Nesbitt, author of the report… Read More »

Trackback spam out of control

My friend Charles Pizzo sent me a text message to let me know he was trying to trackback from his blog to mine, but it wasn’t working. Some research with the folks at Expression Engine revealed that it has to do with the randomization feature, which they desribe this way:

A random code number will be added to the end of each Trackback URL displayed on your site. This code will be stored in the database. When a Trackback is received the code must match in order to be accepted. This feature works similar to the Captcha feature in the comment preferences. It’s purpose is to prevent “throttling”. Only one trackback per code number will be…

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