Forget the journalism debate. Will investors continue to support newspapers?

An intriguing note from Steve Outing at PoynterOnline, pointing to a New York Sun story by Roderick Boyd. Boyd cites a Wall Street Analyst and a hedge fund manager who see problems in continued investments in newspapers considering the diffused competition, high cost structures, and growing use of the Internet as a channel for obtaining news. ‘That decreases the need to pay a dollar or more for it (a newspaper) let alone buy ads.’ Couple this with the fact that Craigslist had more classified ads than the New York Times in the last quarter, and Outing concludes that “that Wall Street is going to devalue newspapers in the coming years for… Read More »

Download or stream? Everything old is new again

I’ve been chewing on something Steve Gillmor said.

Speaking last week at a meeting I attended of the RSS/Blog SIG of the East Bay IT Group (ebig), Gillmor tossed off this observation during a converation after the meeting broke up:

“Streaming is dead.”

Gillmor was at the meeting to speak on attention.xml (which I’m still chewing on; more later), but I was struck by the “streaming is dead” observation. After all, I still hear from most communicators who work on intranets that they continue to struggle to get buy-in from management (or IT) to let them stream video or audio.

Gillmor’s observation is based on the greater usefulness of a… Read More »

RSS primer

There are a lot of RSS primers on the Web. Here’s one more, a pretty good one. Given the difficulty explaining RSS to people who haven’t experienced it yet, you can’t have too many resources at your fingertips to help clarify things.

Podcasting for business

When podcasting first emerged, my thoughts turned immediately to the applications available to businesses. I was thinking about all those opt-in e-mail newsletters companies provide on their investor relations pages so the financial community can stay up to date. Why not a weekly podcast for investors covering company news and activities? How about a regular podcast on various company brands that have a loyal following (Macromedia Flash, Tabasco, the iPod, the New England Patriots…the list is endless)? The mind boggles at the potential business uses of podcasting.

It took a little longer than I thought, but a company has launched a… Read More »

Ask Jeeves posted today’s press release yesterday

Mike Manuel reports that Ask Jeeves went ahead and posted its press release yesterday announcing its acquisition of Bloglines; an FAQ was posted, as well.

Just as I thought, the press release covers the concerns expressed by people who learned of the acquisition through the rumor instead of the official announcement:

We want to assure you that the Bloglines service will continue to grow and thrive. Like other companies in the Ask Jeeves portfolio, we will operate as a standalone, separate service—the Bloglines name will remain, as will our URL, We will support our current features and services, so please…

Read More »

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