Looking to make a few bucks?

As blogging heats up, we hear more and more about the potential (or lack thereof) for making money from your blog. I expect to make plenty of money from my blog, but the income will be generated indirectly via new business that comes my way based on expanded visibility and heightened credibility. I think they call that “marketing.”

But for those of you who may be interested in the more direct approach, you should add ProBlogger to your RSS feeds. The blog is a roundup of information and ideas related to generating income from blogs. Or, as the blog itself puts it, ” ProBlogger is a free collection of tips on writing content, search… Read More »

Legitimate uses for file sharing

The US Supreme Court is poised to hear the case MGM v Grokster, in which 28 of the biggest entertainment companies in the world are suing the makers of Kazaa, Morpheus and Grokster, the most popular of the peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing applications. The suit could set a precedent for action against other technologies; it could also effectively shut down file-sharing.

There’s no question that P2P is the channel of choise for the illegal distribution of copyrighted materials. There are plenty of legitimate uses, however, and shutting down P2P would be like shutting down telephone networks because criminals use the phone to conduct… Read More »

Blog as soap opera

Ned Lundquist squeezes a lot of work into the same 24-hour day the rest of us have. He produces the enormously successful Job of the Week (JOTW) mailing list as a volunteer gig. He has a job. He has a family. He’s the accreditation marketing honcho for IABC (another volunteer assignment), doing more with the role than we’ve seen in years. You’d think he’d take whatever spare time he has to catch his breath.

Instead, he’s launched a blog. Wait, no. It’s not a blog. It’s a soap opera called Realitcomm. He’s just using Blogger to host it.

In an e-mail message to the JOTW subscriber list, Ned writes:

Will Maria Xenia Eleftheriadis, aka…

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David Murray blog debuts

Regular readers of this blog will remember my open letter to Ragan Report co-editor David Murray, a post that generated 47 comments. The post was a response to Murray’s editorial comment that PR-focused bloggers needed to back off of their efforts to give the communications profession a push toward recognizing the importance of blogs. Murray—a longtime friend and the world’s youngest curmudgeon—noted in one of the comments that he wasn’t exactly anti-blogging, just concerned that the focus on blogs detracted from more important things, like a perceived decline in the upward communication efforts of employee communication programs.

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Background on Yahoo!‘s video search

Yahoo!‘s blog offers up some technical details on the portal’s new video search capability. Using Media RSS—the same type of enclosures available in RSS 2.0 that make podcasting possible—Yahoo! is able to produce search results that show a thumbnail of the video along with the duration and file size and the URL where it was found. “Rather than build a completely new way to do this, we decided to see what it takes to make RSS Enclosures work for video content as well: video enclosures,” Jeremy Zawodny reports on the blog. “It’s not a new idea but we think it’s one whose time has come.”

What will bloggers and others do with this new… Read More »

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