The Hobson & Holtz Report - Podcast #45: June 27, 2005

Content summary: Listeners’ comments (on wit and wisdom from FIR; being stunned by Tudor Williams and Angela Sinickas; the heroes from Siemens USA); nice London hotel: blogging the IABC conference; bad press for the EC and the waste of the EU; the PR, blogs and press releases mashup; MIT surveys blog usage; Todd Cochrane’s podcasting book; blogs, RSS PR and SEC requirements; long podcasts and listening to FIR.

Show notes for June 27, 2005

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Welcome to For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report, a 49-minute conversation recorded live from Washington, DC, USA, and almost live from London, England.

Download the file here (MP3,… Read More »

IABC’s Technorati tag

The Technorati tag for the IABC conference actually is working—if you use the right one! I saw a tag with dashes between the words. Turns out there are spaces, which means you can enter %20 or a plus sign (+), or just leave spaces (which is exactly the syntax Technorati provides).  When you go to view all the posts on the Technorati site, enter it like this: international conference 2005

Your browser will translate it into this:

...and all the various posts from the IABC Cafe will show up. I’ve revised my tag to represent the… Read More »

Messages and channels

Mary Matalin and James Carville were the opening keynoters at the first general session of the IABC conference and, God love ‘em, they kept their remarks focused squarely on communications. Carville’s comments in particular struck a chord, particularly in light of my earlier posts on the idea that PR could be replaced by blogs.

I wasn’t taking notes, so this isn’t a precise quote, but it captures the spirit of what he said. “There are two parts to communication. There’s the tool you use to deliver it, and there’s the message. I’m not going to talk about the tools, because those can change in a year or five years. What’s really… Read More »

Another call to replace PR with blogs

So Steve Rubel gets up at Gnomedex and says something along the lines of, “Blogging is PR with candor.” I wasn’t there, but I’ve read the reports of people who were.

Blogging certain can be PR with candor, although there’s nothing to stop a blogger from being less than candid in his blog. Further, I’ve seen plenty of candid PR that was produced without blogs. The notion that PR simply cannot be candid without blogs is absurd. I don’t think that’s what Steve meant at all. (I doubt that Steve is lobbying for his employer, Cooper Katz, to eliminate all of its efforts and provide no services other than blogging to its clients.) But some… Read More »

Will podcasting save BitTorrent?

A bit of a tiff broke out at Gnomedex when Dave Winer challenged Adam Curry to use BitTorrent as a means of distributing his podcast, “Daily Source Code,” and thus solve his bandwidth problems. Curry evidently resisted, noting that BitTorrent is viewed by many as a vehicle for the illegal distribution of large copyrighted files, notably movies. But BitTorrent itself isn’t illegal, and Winer noted that Curry’s use of it would be non-infringing.

Several podcasters already make their podcasts subscribable using BitTorrent. I keep meaning to talk to Neville about offering “For Immediate Release” through BitTorrent. It irks me that this… Read More »

The value of social tagging

If you’re looking for examples of how social tagging can provide real value, take a look at the Gnomedex2005 tag at Technorati. Attendees of Chris Pirillo’s recently-concluded tech conference agreed to tag their blog posts about the session making it easy for anyone to keep track of all the various posts just by searching the tag at Technorati. While this group tagging concept isn’t exactly new, its use at a high-profile event like Gnomedex helps make one of tagging’s uses clear.

At the IABC conference, which I’m at right now, incoming chairman Warren Bickford has recruited a dozen attendees to blog the conference on the IABC CafeRead More »

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