Students say blogs improve education

Catching up on e-mail (I fell behind while on the road), I found this from Bud Gibson, assistant professor of business information technology at the University of Michigan (I’m in the process of reading Bud’s synopsis, which is fascinating):

I’ve noticed you have an interest in blogging in education from your posts on: blogging at Auburn, the BBC report on the impact of blogging in academia, and the effect of blogging homework in middle schools.

Last Fall, at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, we developed a “learning blogosphere” to help students communicate with each other and the professor.  Students kept blogs,… Read More »

The Hobson & Holtz Report - Podcast #13: March 7, 2005

Content summary: A discussion about IBM’s 2,800 internal blogs - how do they enable collaboration in the workplace?; and a 38-minute conversation with Robert Scoble, Microsoft’s “geek blogger” - on evangelism, anti-marketing, blogging, RSS and reading feeds, email mailing lists, relationships with colleagues, internal blogs at Microsoft, The Red Couch book project, a blogging ombudsman, advice for communicators.

Show notes for March 7, 2005

Download MP3 podcast

Welcome to For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report, a 62-minute conversation recorded live from Concord, California, USA, and Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Download the file here (MP3,… Read More »

A coordinated assault

Last week was unusually busy, so I spent some time this morning catching up on e-mail and blog posts. One message caught my eye. Alice Marshall, posting to the Global PR Blog Week mailing list, asks, “How would you advise your client in this kind of situation?”

She points to a message posted to The Daily Kos titled “Open Source Research Project: Alan Greenspan.” The rather lengthy post can be summed up in this excerpt: “Bob Brigham suggested that we ‘unleash the blogosphere’ on Greenspan. It’s a brilliant idea—no one is more worthy of having a halo-ectomy than St. Alan - so let’s have at it.”

The author of the post, guest poster… Read More »

Report finds internal use of blogs and wikis is growing

Companies seem to be less nervous about deploying blogs and wikis as tools for internal communication and collaboration than they are about introducing outward facing channels. The Gilbane Report for March—Blogs & Wikis: Technologies for Enterprise Applications?—finds companies are introducing these tools internally for a variety of reasons, including easier-to-use bulletin boards, documentation, record-keeping, and departmental intranet sites.

Ranking the podcasts

Eric Karros never went to an All-Star game.

Karros, who spent most of his career playing first base for the Dodgers, holds the Los Angeles home run record. He posted impressive numbers for most of that career and always contributed to whatever success the team achieved. He did his job quietly, never drawing attention to himself. Sportswriters referred to Karros as “workmanlike.”

So why the All-Star snub? The teams aren’t selected based on their performance; sports writers don’t pick them based on their contributions to their teams. Fans pick them based on popularity. Any fan can vote as many times as he wants. Consequently, big-name… Read More »

Remember Razorfish?

Mike Manuel blogged recently about the sudden introduction of blogging practices appearing across the PR landscape. He makes the excellent point that…

...field-tested bloggers are behind these business moves and driving the adoption of these practices.  And I think this point underscores an obvious, albeit essential fact that to really know and talk the game, you have to simply play the game.  Period.

Mike’s exactly right about that. But I wonder about the wisdom of practices dedicated to any single aspect of communications. Not that I don’t wish those engaged in such practices all the success in the world. My podcast partner Neville… Read More »

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