Add “blogworking” to your vocabulary

“Self-governing social networks combine with interactive weblog publishing to create something people just call Blogworking.” So writes Jesse Taylor in a piece at AlwaysOn. Taylor sites adholes, a collection of blogs from people working in advertising. (The site’s slogan: “Ad industry schmoozing without expensive restaurant tabs.”)

Taylor notes that these smaller networking sites are starting to generate ad revenue.

Why would these smaller, private Blogworking sites get commercial interest normally reserved for big sites? Because Blogworking sites feature running commentary and reactions that are tightly targeted to niche markets where…

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Car company’s SMS marketing campaign backfires

Marketers salivate over new communication technologies that provide new opportunities to reach customers. The idea of blasting out hundreds of text messages over a cell phone SMS system must have seemed particularly appealing to the folks at The company harvested the phone numbers from newspaper classified ads and sent messages pitching the company’s services.

I don’t know if they got any business from the messages, but they did get fined. The company paid $6,600 after recipients of the messages complained to the Australian Communications Authority. The messages, it turns out, qualified as a violation of the Spam Act… Read More »

Power to the consumer

Businesses, take note. The voice of the customer has gotten a little louder.

Michael Kremer was one unhappy customer. He went to Bosley Medical Institute in Seattle for hair restoration and, while pictures aren’t available, he couldn’t have been too pleased with the result. Shortly afterward, he opened a Web site at which he used to alert the public to the company’s alleged misconduct and legal problems.

Libel? Misappropriation of the company’s trademark in a URL (or, at least, cybersquatting)? Not according an appeals court, which ruled that Kremer can hammer on the company on the Web, using the… Read More »

The Hobson & Holtz Report - Podcast #21: April 4, 2005

Content summary: Listeners’ comments: podcast annotating, indexing and navigating; running VNRs and press releases is shoddy journalism; mainstream media is not the way to go with youth messaging; searching blog feeds for photos, audio and video; Print media will still be around for a while; Darren Barefoot’s not smoking the podcasting dope; Catholic Insider at the Vatican; Jakob Nielsen and URL visibility; IABC Chair blog relaunching; preparing for Global PR Blog Week 2.0; Upcoming interview.

Show notes for April 4, 2005

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Is podcasting for real?

In less than an hour, Neville and I will record the next installment of For Immediate Release. One of the issues we’ll discuss is a post from Darren Barefoot’s blog titled, “Why I’m Not Smoking the Podcasting Dope.”

Barefoot is a “writer, technologist and marketer who lives in Vancouver, Canada,” according to his site. He raises enough issues—compounded by comments to the post—that I wanted to think through my responses. It seemed a good idea to use my own blog for that process. So here goes…

Barefoot begins by leaving no doubt about his skepticism: “I???m skeptical about who???s doing it, who???s going to do it, and who???s going to… Read More »

Blogs and trust

Lee Hopkins raised an old question in a new context in yesterday’s installment of For Immediate Release. With media growing more and more dependent on bloggers for information, how will the media—and the audiences that pay attention to them—know whether the source material was objective or bought and paid for?

There certainly have been plenty of instances in which bloggeers have been revealed to be something other than what they portrayed themselves to be. Political bloggers on both sides of the fence, for instance, have been outed as paid representatives of one campaign or another. And while CMS company Marqui has asked its paid… Read More »

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