Business IM use up to 85%

A study from Radicati Group reinforces the notion that IM has evolved from a means for people to engage in idle chatter to a vital business communication tool. Eighty-five percent of North American businesses use IM, according to the study, and 44% of those businesses that have adopted IM sought to improve internal communication. Thirty-three percent are saving long-distance phone charges by encouraging employees to use IM. In a C|Net story on the study, Cantor Fitzgerald trader Sal Morreale is quoted: “If you don’t have IM in this business, you’re not there. I tend to have 10 or 11 IM windows open at a time.”

The study, “Messaging… Read More »

e-Tailers turn to blogs

Online merchants—e-tailers—have taken to the blogosphere, according to a New York Times article from Bob Tedeschi. Among the e-tailers testing blogs are,, and eHobbies. Some are even burying coupons within posts as a means of enticing visitors to come back. (Wouldn’t you think compelling content or a dialogue with customers would do the trick?)

The blog from—Flypaper —appears to have a couple authors (identified only as “wendy” and “laura”) commenting on fashion and reporting on some quirky fashion news. I suppose that might appeal to some, although commenting is light—and that’s a charitable… Read More »

Candidate podcasts, sort of

Tim Kaine, Virginia’s lieutenant governor and candidate for the state’s top job, has his first “podcast” promoted heavily on his home page. Problem is, it isn’t a podcast, just a downloadable audio file. Not that I ever liked the word “podcast” (it doesn’t require an iPod and it’s not “cast” in any way I can discern), but the word still has a clearly defined meaning. It’s not a podcast if you can’t subscribe via the RSS feed and, in Kaine’s case, you can’t. This is also the case with several mainstream media figures (Rush Limbaugh lurches to mind) who have launched what they call podcasts. If enough media figures apply the podcast label… Read More »

Balancing blogs’ credibility

In yesterday’s “For Immediate Release,” I noted that Joseph Edward Duncan had maintained a blog. Duncan, in case you’re not following the story, was found in a Coeur d’Alene, Idaho restaurant with a young girl who, along with her brother, had been missing for about six weeks following the disocvery of the bludgeoned bodies ofher mother, her mother’s boyfriend, and an older brother. The blog is no longer available, but archives of posts can be read on the Internet Archive and in IN-Forum of Fargo, North Dakota. The final two entries are, according to one commentator, “highly distressing, so don’t read them unless you want to be REALLY… Read More »

Comments in RSS

One of the arguments against full-text RSS feeds is that you can’t see any comments. With partial-text feeds, you need to go to the blog to finish reading what you’ve started, and that’s where you’ll find comments. If you can read the entire entry, the argument goes, you’ll have no incentive to visit the blog and thus the comments will go unread.

It’s a moot point now, at least for this blog. After several fits and starts with my templates, I’ve made the adjustment to deliver comments in my full-text feed. I’m sure it’s working in RSS 2.0, in any case.

You still need to visit the blog in order to add your own comment, but I suspect… Read More »

The Hobson and Holtz Report - Podcast #47: July 4, 2005

Content summary: Listeners’ comments (positive opinions about podcasts; negative opinions about Virgin’s New York podcasts; sans-serif fonts and the new generation; is open source marketing open?; a suggestion for FIR #50; mixing a genuine CEO blogger with a fake Toyota Yaris blog); Six Apart upgrades TypePad; call for ideas for blogging IABC’s next conference; Steve Rubel’s first podcast; a terrible tale of a criminal blogger; from Our Correspondent Down Under.

Show notes for July 4, 2005

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Welcome to For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report, a 67-minute conversation recorded live from Concord, California, USA, and Amsterdam,… Read More »

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