Apple: The new Microsoft

Apple Computers may not be able to make much of a dent in Microsoft’s domination of the computer marketplace. The company seems to be making a bid, though, to compete head-to-head with Microsoft when it comes to arrogance. In fact, as Microsoft humanizes itself with employee blogs and an effort to reach out to constituencies (through tools such as Channel 9 for the developer community), Apple is headed in the other direction. The company—flush with success from market domination with the iPod—is turning into a draconian monster when it hears something about itself it doesn’t like.

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Stop defining blogs

I’m a big fan of Doc Searls. Not just the Cluetrain Manifesto, but his blog, his input on the late, lamented Gillmor Gang, his keynotes, his other writing. But based on a brief synopsis of his finishing keynote at Les Blogs, I’ve finally found a point where I can disagree with him. (Not that I’ve been looking, mind you.) On his own blog, Searls quotes Lloyd Davis, who reported on Searls talk “about why we shouldn’t talk about content, consumers, audiences - because blogs are “writing” and should be thought of as a form of speech (which can be free) rather than media (which needs to be managed).”

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RSS keeps on trucking

DM News, the online news site for direct marketers, reports that RSS lets companies with smaller advertising and marketing budgets get content to targeted audiences that otherwise would be prohibitively expensive. The article by Joe Dysart cites, an online jobs broker for truck drivers and trucking companies. Using RSS (presumably enclosures, although the article doesn’t mention them specifically), the company is able to distribute hefty video files—20 MB and more—to drivers who subscribe to the site’s feed. The videos from various trucking companies are designed to recruit drivers.

On the road again

I head off to Detroit early on Tuesday. I get back Wednesday night, then leave again early Thursday, although this time it’s on vacation: JazzFest in New Orleans. Blogging will be light through next week, but I’m sure I’ll knock out one or two here and there.

The Hobson & Holtz Report - Podcast #27: April 25, 2005

Content summary: Listeners’ comments (on character blogs, recording with an ipod, our mention in the New Scientists article on Skype, FeedDemon, our review of Yahoo 360 and employer monitoring of employee e-mail and online activity); Les Blogs update; Business Week’s cover story, “Blogs Will Change Your Business,” communication strategic planning, executive voice in a CEO blog, Wendy’s PR efforts in the wake of a customer finding a finger in a cup of Wendy’s chili, a client’s perspective on PR, the difference between marketing and PR.

Show notes for April 25, 2005

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