More evidence that PR needs to be pushed

BL Ochman’s What’s Next? includes a post about a study that suggest most PR people “are not altering their media monitoring methods to adapt to recent changes in media channels and the new realities of digital news dissemination.”

According to the executive summary of The 2004 Worldwide Market Survey on Media Monitoring, “Despite recent advances in news monitoring services, traditional services like paper-based clipping and in-house monitoring remain the primary tools used by PR professionals to monitor the news.”

Since is a media monitoring company, much of the study produces self-serving results, such… Read More »

Conference on RSS set for May

If anyone has any lingering doubts about the rise of RSS, you can put them to rest. IDG World Expo has set May 17-18 for a New York conference dedicated to content syndication. The conference is being billed as an “executive-level” gathering targeting content owners and producers, media execs, corporate marketers, advertisers and public relations professionals. Two tracks will highlight the conference: publishing and marketing. No speakers or pricing have been announced yet, but there is a Web site for the conference:

Comment spam on the rise

A week or so ago, I spent several hours painstakingly removing hundreds of comment spams from this blog. Every one of them featured links to poker sites on the Web. Consequently, I had to modify my blog settings to require member registration to post comments—which has resulted in a drop in comments. I’m in the process of configuring a new blog app from the same company that includes Captcha, a utility that requires anybody submitting a comment to enter a word they see in a graphic in order to post their thoughts. It’s easier than registering as a member and will thwart most comment spam, which is blasted onto blogs by machines and not… Read More »

Six reasons why marketers should blog

Why should marketers turn to blogging as a key tool? According to networking marketing writer Linda J. Bruton, there are six reasons, the most important of which have to do with search engine rankings. Bruton provides details for each of her arguments. Here’s the short list:

  1. Fast search engine spidering and indexing of your site
  2. Blogs can build your backlinks quickly
  3. A frequently updated blog will keep the spiders visiting your site often
  4. Your site is stickier and more appealing to visitors
  5. A blog is the fastest and easiest way to build a brand-new website without training
  6. Keyword competition in RSS feed sites is much less than in… Read More »

What comes after podcasting? Podvertising, of course

I’m a regular listener to the Geek News Central podcast. Todd Cochrane, the host (and author of the related blog) has recently solicited advertisers. Once a week, he’ll play a two-minute audio clip of a sponsor, usually somebody who wants to draw attention to his own blog (but it’s not limited to that). The money he makes is designed to offset the cost of maintaining his blog and podcast.

Cochrane apparently isn’t the only one. According to an article in Fairfax Digital, the practice is called “podvertising” and is gaining steam.

For now, For Immediate Release, the new podcast Neville Hobson and I are producing for the online PR and… Read More »

Podcast for communicators

Starting in January, Neville Hobson and I—- both of us communicators who think we have something to say that you might find worth listening to—start our weekly podcast, “For Immediate Release: The Hobson and Holtz Report.” I’m in Concord, California, and Neville’s in Amsterdam in The Netherlands.

We’ll bring a balanced view on what’s going on in the US and Europe in communication, technology and other relevant topics.

We’ll be having weekly conversations via Skype and posting the resulting MP3 recording on a special blog we’ve created just for the podcast at For Immediate Release. You will be able to get the podcasts from our RSS… Read More »

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