Responding to a crisis

Washington Technology’s cover story deals with how government contracts have responded to crises—and how they should. The article includes interviews with PR professionals.  The article also features a handy list of do’s and don’ts.

Arrested for spimming

I’ve been getting a ton of spim lately. Spim is spam that targets your instant messager (IM) rather than your e-mail. At least twice a day, my IM client pops up with an invitation to visit a Web site created and maintained entirely by women. I get more irritated every time I have to put a block on the ad which comes from a different source every time it appears.

So I cheered when I read that 18-year-old Anthony Greco was arrested last Wednesday for sending 1.5 million spim messages advertising everything from mortages to porn. All Greco’s spims reportedly were sent to subscribers to the IM service, so he wasn’t responsible… Read More »

Launch of the “moonblog”

I met Jerry Brown once. I was a journalism student at California State University Northridge, and Brown stopped by on a campaign swing during his first run for the California governor’s office. I was lucky enough to draw the straw to interview him. We spent half an hour closeted in a small office at KCSN-FM, the NPR radio station run out of CSUN. He was articulate, passionate, and considering that I was just a 18- or 19-year-old J student, he was amazingly accommodating.

After serving a couple terms as mayor of Oakland, Brown reportedly has his sights set on the California attorney general’s office. Coincidentally, he’s launched a blog… Read More »

Bloggers called to action

There’s a lot of hyperbole flying around about the power of the blogosphere with dismissals of prominent figures by their employers touted as examples. When bloggers unite to bring to light unsavory comments or secrets or foibles by individuals they don’t like, bloggers of one political persuasion or another have been able to unite to bring those individuals down. The blogosphere came together despite political leanings to aid victims of the tsunami. Tomorrow, though, we’ll see if the global community of bloggers can unite around a less time-sensitive issue.

February 21 has been declared “Free Mojtaba and Arash Day” by the month-old… Read More »

Podcasting notes

Several items in rapid succession point to the continued growth of podcasting.

First came word from podcasting pioneer Adam Curry who last week noted that the number of podcasts listed in the directory has passed the 3,000 mark. Not bad for a medium that fundamentally didn’t exist six months ago.

Next, Charles Pizzo forwards a New York Times article on podcasting, “Tired of TiVo? Beyond Blogs? Podcasts are Here.” The article looks at the nature of podcasts and discusses the medium with some podcasters. Why they didn’t call Neville or me, I just can’t imagine. From the article:

As bloggers have influenced journalism,…

Read More »

Intranet podcasting: an idea whose time has come

I’m working with a company to develop a strategic internal communication plan. Part of the research phase includes a communication-focused survey of employees. One section of the survey asks employees to rate their interest in potential new channels. Podcating is one of the choices.

I’m anxious to see podcasting introduced to the employee communications mix. I’d love to help a company figure out how to do it well.

As with most new technologies, podcasting is earning sneers and eye-rolls from most executives. Even as General Motors launches podcasts, the notion of intranet-based podcasts just isn’t resonating with communication… Read More »

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