Friday Wrap #183: Barbie the pitchdoll, Kaepernick’s sponsors, Facebook’s Trending misstep, and more

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Pity Colin Kaepernick’s sponsors—As a starting quarterback, Colin Kaepernick amassed the usual group of brands hungry for his endorsement. Now that he’s at the center of a controversy, they face a dilemma. Keep him as a spokesperson and you risk the ire of those who disagree (often vehemently) with his decision to remain seated during the National Anthem at games as a protest against treatment of African Americans. Boot him as a spokesperson and you risk alienating… Read More »

Shrink-Wrap #8: Eschew Obfuscation

Data breaches are getting more common and companies are scrambling to figure out how to tell customers about them. There aren’t a lot of great examples of forthright transparency, which is exactly what will earn customer trust and strengthen your relationship. That’s a lesson Dropbox needs to learn.

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Internal communicators need to tell the customer’s story

Internal communicators need to tell the customer story

In 1991, while I was leading the communications team at a Southern California-based pharma, I introduced a new feature to the Currents section of the monthly employee magazine. Customer was a brief interview with a customer. In each interview, we asked what the customer liked about doing business with the company, what they liked about working with our competitors, and what we could do better.

Customer ColumnsThe column was part of a larger company-wide customer-focused initiative. This was long before anybody considered the notion of “customer experience.” The initiative’s mantra was, “If you don’t work directly with the customer, help somebody who… Read More »

FIR #50: Sex! Violence! Politics!

For Immediate Release

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Today’s panel features social media early adopter and veteran marketer C.C. Chapman, Business Wire’s Social and Evolving Media Director Serena Ehrlich, and marketing technology specialist and business strategist Lynette Young. We talked about…

    The Cincinnati Zoo, which has had enough of the critical Harambe memes so it shut down its Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Apple’s efforts to introduce a Snapchat-like app, which Facebook has already done with its new iOS-only Lifestage app, all while a growing number of teens are abstaining from social media (but not smartphones).
  • Pornhub and… Read More »

Friday Wrap #182: Employees can gripe, zoo shutters social media, YouTube plans to go beyond video

Friday Wrap #182I extract items for the Friday Wrap from my link blog, which you’re welcome to follow.. To make sure you never miss an issue, subscribe to my weekly email briefing.


Employees are free to tweet their complaints—The National Labor Relations Board has finalized a decision initially rendered in March that beleaguered restaurant chain Chipotle was wrong for firing an employee who tweeted complaints about the company, forcing Chipotle to revise its policies. The NLRB is signaling that “freedom os speech is protected for employees who want to criticize their employers on Twitter.” The takeaway: This ruling is consistent with several… Read More »

Shrink-Wrap #7: The risks of a social-only marketing strategy

Eos is a brand in crisis. The lip balm company enjoyed tremendous success based on social media buzz built through influencer marketing. Lawsuits alleging the product caused blisters and rashes sent influencers scurrying and the social media conversation shifted as people began sharing pictures of the blemishes. Eco’s tale is a cautionary one about the risks of building a brand on solely a social media strategy.

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  • Eos Lip balm Being Sued by Consumers Claiming Harsh Side Effects Like Rashes and Blisters (People)

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