H&K’s time-lapse video of Wikipedia Flight 1549 entry

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Brendan Hodgson, Hill & Knowlton’s national practice leader (Canada) and reputation management authority, and UK-based H&K digital authority Niall Cook put together a video showing the 176 edits to Wikipedia’s page on US Airways Flight 1549 that took place over a mere 90 minutes. A fascinating glimpse into the way the community collaborates to provide a record of events, along with the negotiations over how the information will be presented. Hat tip to David Jones, also of H&K Canada.



  • 1.Thanks for sharing a fascinating insight into the inner workings of Wikipedia. As the site has become such an authority on everything, it is important to know how it works. Kudos to H&K folks for this glimpse into how information is created.

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    Daniel Durazo

    Daniel Durazo | January 2009 | Richmond, VA

  • 2.Hi Shel,
    Cool time-lapse video! I end up a wikipedia all the time when I'm looking for answers. This just backs up what an amazing source it is. I had no idea it pulls in that kind of input. Very cool.
    ~ Steve, Pinnacle Trade Show Displays
    PS. Enjoy Hawaii. It's been a long time since I was there... too long! Aloha!

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