Another great entry in the “Plain English” series

Posted on August 7, 2007 11:58 am by | Social Media | Tagging and Microformats | Video

CommonCraft has long been one of my favorite blogs. To this day I still point people to a post that’s now a couple years old explaining the difference between blogs and message boards. Lately, CommonCraft’s Lee LeFever has been cranking out terrific videos using a paper-animation technique that explain complex Web 2.0 concepts in “Plain English.” The latest covers social bookmarking, using as an example:



  • 1.Hey Shel,
    Thanks a bunch for the kind words. More coming soon! Cheers!


    Lee LeFever | August 2007 | Seattle, WA, USA

  • 2.Ever wanted to have a bunch of elevator pitches on different key concepts from social software and social computing and never thought how you could get them going? No need, check out the superb piece of work put together by the folks behind Commoncraft. Wonderful stuff! (And all of them under five minutes...)

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