Friday Wrap #119: PR Wikipedia guide, bloggers as journalists, TwitPic lives, interactive packaging

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Welcome to the Friday Wrap, my weekly summary of stuff I’ve found in the last seven days that didn’t grab the big headlines but is still important, interesting, and/or worthwhile for communicators and marketers…and this week ranks up there among the most interesting collections of stories since I started the wrap. I collect these on my link blog, which you’re welcome to follow.


IPR releases Professional’s Ultimate Guide to Wikipedia—William Beutler has been one of the key thought leaders when it comes to ethical PR engagement with Wikipedia. His company, Buetler Ink,… Read More »

Friday Wrap #35: social influences spending, online errors, employee policies, end of the password

Friday Wrap #35

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Here’s the weekly rundown of reports, articles and posts from the last week that caught my attention that didn’t get widespread coverage. I select these items from a larger collection of pieces I save to my link blog:

Consumer spending increasingly influenced by social media

The holiday shopping season saw retail sales rise, and much of what consumers spent was influenced by social media, according to a study from the Advertising Research Foundation. The study, reported in Bulldog Reporter’s Daily Dog, found that about one-third of shoppers said they were either introduced to a brand or… Read More »

Friday Wrap #30: A new social media news release template, Ford’s mobile push, content builds trust

Friday Wrap #30
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With this installment of the Friday Wrap, I’d like to wish everybody a warm and fulfilling Christmas (or whatever you may celebrate). Interestingly, there has been no shortage of news despite the impending holiday, and some of the items I found most intriguing are collected here. You can always see the complete list of stories and posts I collect at

SHIFT is back with Social Media Press Release 2.0

SHIFT Communications created a stir five years ago by releasing a template for a Social Media Press Release. While several notable voices blasted the idea, several organizations adopted it. Press… Read More »

How print is adapting to a digital world

Print AdaptsI have long maintained that new media do not kill old media, but rather than old media adapt. Movies didn’t kill plays, television didn’t kill movies and the Web hasn’t killed television (for example), but each has adapted to account for the changes wrought by the newest medium.

The rise of digital content has led many to consign print to history’s dustbin. The steady growth of ebook adoption, the news media’s shift to the Web and a number of other signs seems to suggest that we’re on an inexorable march to the day when print is a quaint relic.

But there are also signs that print is undergoing the same kind of adaptation that has kept… Read More »

Friday Wrap #24: Big Data, digitally mature companies, content hubs, new story forms, and more

Friday Wrap #24

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It’s time to wrap up the week with a look at some news and other posts that caught my eye. The complete listing of items I’ve bookmarked from which to select Friday Wrap items is, as always, at

Election results secure Big Data’s place; are you ready?

There was no hope that I’d be able to produce this Friday’s Wrap without some reference to Tuesday’s U.S. presidential election. The role Big Data played in President Obama’s victory is important to review, regardless of which candidate you supported, or even if you’re outside the U.S. and really don’t give a damn. In a Time Magazine piece,… Read More »

Friday Wrap #11: PR leading convergence, social media’s total value, BYOD as a recruiting advantage

Friday Wrap
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My feeds deliver some great content, but I can’t write an individual blog post about them all. Hence, the Wrap.

Can PR lead the move toward media convergence?

I wrote last week about The Altimeter Group’s report on media convergence and the need to move past organizational silos that isolate PR, marketing, advertising and other communication functions (while still maintaining areas of specialization and expertise). When it comes to the profession to which organizations should turn to manage the convergence, the answer is shaping up to be public relations. After all, if your organization’s reputation is in the tank,… Read More »

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