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Posted on October 30, 2007 2:35 pm by | Audio

So how did I miss Utterz? Jeez, you spend a few weeks on the road and you’re out of the loop!

I first saw the site referenced this morning in a post by Robert Scoble, which directed me over to Jeremiah Owyan’s blog, where he had posted his first Utterz. It looked simple enough, so I did one of my own. You’ll be able to hear any I do in the future in the widget over in the right-hand column of the page, although if they’re interesting enough, I’ll also post them as blog items, like this one.

Utterz lets you post any audio, test, photo or video via your cell phone or email (or direct upload, for that matter). You can put what you’ve posted on your blog or people can access it from your Utterz profile (mine is here and looks like this (only bigger):

Shel Holtz

The content in an Utterz profile can be shared just like a YouTube video, via an embed code. You can also listen to Utterz over your cell phone. I haven’t explored the full potential of Utterz yet, but will over the next few days as discretionary time allows. But this tool definitely looks like it has potential. Now, if only I could direct my Utterz to my Twitter stream…

Anyway, I gave it a try with a commentary I also discussed on yesterday’s FIR about whether consumer-generated video is a viable channel for making a living:


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