New gadgets: A handheld recorder and a microphone filter

PMD-620I’ve been coveting the Marantz PMD-620 digital recorder ever since I saw an early model on the trade show floor at Podcast Expo. I have the M-Audio Microtrack 24/96, but I’ve been having some issues with it that led me to explore alternatives. I’m already a loyal user of the PMD-660, about the size of a thick paperback book. The PMD-620 packs most of the 660’s functionality into a package about the size of a deck of cards.

It arrived the other day and I’ve been playing with it. While the real test will come with a real recording session, so far I’m thrilled with this device. The recorder comes with stereo condenser microphones built… Read More »

Utterzly cool

So how did I miss Utterz? Jeez, you spend a few weeks on the road and you’re out of the loop!

I first saw the site referenced this morning in a post by Robert Scoble, which directed me over to Jeremiah Owyan’s blog, where he had posted his first Utterz. It looked simple enough, so I did one of my own. You’ll be able to hear any I do in the future in the widget over in the right-hand column of the page, although if they’re interesting enough, I’ll also post them as blog items, like this one.

Utterz lets you post any audio, test, photo or video via your cell phone or email (or direct upload, for that matter). You can put what you’ve… Read More »

Audio podcasting: Commenting on the comments

Warning: Long post follows!

I arrived at a client meeting early and had time to kill, so I popped my wireless broadband card into my laptop and hammered out a post on podcating I’d been mulling over for some time. I figured I’d get a few comments—three, maybe four. But more than 30? Funny, isn’t it, how the posts you think will spark an outpouring of comments get a few and those you think will inspire only a few produce a torrent.

There were too many to address in the comment thread, so I figured—as long as I have 4-1/2 hours to kill on a flight home from Chicago—that I’d tackle them here.

To start, I have to express my awe and… Read More »

Nokia acqusition signals greater convergence

Shel HoltzI hadn’t even heard of Twango until yesterday, when the announcement came down that Nokia had acquired the multimedia file sharing site. Nokia apparently looked at about 75 companies before settling on the 10-person firm running out of the founder’s basement. The fact that the company is made up of former Microsoft employees who get Internet services had something to do with the decision.

More interesting is the reason Nokia went after such a company at all. According to the press release, “Nokia will be able to offer people an easy way to share multimedia content through their desktop and mobile devices.”

???The Twango acquisition is…

Read More »

The next step in live blogging

The kerfuffle over live blogging isn’t likely to subside any time soon, given the growing popularity of live online communication. Add audio and video to the mix and the people who hold live blogging in disdain are likely to go apopleptic.

To summarize, the foes of live blogging don’t like its instant nature—they’d rather bloggers took notes offline then pondered those notes for a while before writing an article (instead of instantly posting their notes). They also don’t like the fact that bloggers are tapping away at their keyboards—a distraction for the speaker.

If typing is a distraction, wait’ll people start showing up with video… Read More »

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