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FIR #180: TikTok, TikTok, TikTok

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Doug Haslam joins host Shel Holtz for a conversation about TikTok and the role it could wind up playing in the social media space. Also in this week’s episode:

  • Has Facebook really lost 15 million users? A lot of people don’t think it’s true.
  • Facebook’s pivot to secure messaging is about more than just messaging. Mark Zuckerberg wants Facebook to be WeChat for everywhere except China
  • Telegram picked up 3 million new users in 24 hours after Facebook’s outage began
  • Teenagers are using an old tool for private chat: Google Docs
  • Conde Nast has turned a vibrant Facebook Group into a new profit-focused vertical
  • Brands on… Read More »

FIR #179: Fashion is the New Porn

For Immediate Release

Kevin Anselmo joins host Shel Holtz to discuss a university that has opened itself to criticism for what may have been an ill-advised case of social activism. Also in this episode:

  • Amazon may soon become the most important platform for influencers
  • Employee loyalty is falling and culture is to blame
  • Longer videos on Instagram are driving traffic to publisher sites
  • Podcasting has reached a tipping point
  • Virtual Reality could make your boss nicer
  • Advice on doing CEO advocacy well
  • Dan York reports on Edison Research’s Infinite Dial study, Facebook’s pivot toward privacy, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s proposal to break up… Read More »

FIR #178: Throwing Communicators Under the Bus

For Immediate Release

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4L Strategies Partner Jen Phillips joins FIR host Shel Holtz to discuss the expanding definition of “journalist” and what it means for communicators. Also in the episode:

  • Microsoft workers protest plans to weaponize the HoloLens; CEO Satya Nadella fights back
  • Delta Airlines’ CEO throws communicators under the bus in a New York Times interview
  • Facebook lets you share Events in Stories
  • TikTok reaches 1 billion downloads, pays record fine to the FTC
  • Nike launches year-long series on IGTV
  • The Momo Challenge would be worrisome if it were real
  • Pandora launches Stories, mixing… Read More »